An International Green School,
Harmony in the heart of Lviv

Lviv Harmony School is a green school providing a natural, engaging space for exploration and discovery with an international educational method based on the latest scientific findings. We aim to cultivate a strong curiosity for the natural world; establish a lifelong love of learning; and develop the skills neccessary for the 21st century. As a British run kindergarden, English is spoken exclusively, and the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance are embedded.

teddies in basket in a bubble

Our unique method

The core tenents of our educational method are based on extensive research into child development.

boy holding magnifying glasses

Science through experiment

One of the kindergarden's founders is a physicist, and has developed a hands-on course of science education. Each week we conduct two experiments, to develop intrinsic understanding of the scientific method in a fun engaging way.

happy boys holding rail in swimming pool

Physical Activity

The benefit of sports have been extensively researched, improving not only motor skills, but also cognitive and social skills. In the daily rhythm an hour is dedicated to sport. Dance and yoga specialists visit weekly, and children go swimming and rock climbing.

children picking up ladybird


Our teachers undergo mindfulness training, a technique that is evidenceed to improve mental wellbeing, and reduce psychiatric problems. Outside time and meals are used as perfect opportunities to teach children to be mindful in their daily experience.

girl playing piano


Children have the regular opportunity to learn an instrument, such as violin or piano, taught by a qualified professional. Applying this skill in the quarterly dramatic production develops a tremendous sence of achievement and self-confidence.

brush painting orange and pink on paper


In development of fine motor skills, and creativitiy, children are encouraged to experiment with colour and materials to create original and expressive artwork.

toddler waliking through leaves in park

Outdoor Activities

Our schedule is packed with at least an hour outside each day in winter and at least two hours in summer. Mindfullness, free play, and nature studies will take place in fresh air and a natural environment .

holding hands around the world

Social Justice

Children engage in community projects, to help their intergration into the greater community, and learn to be responsible adults. They learn about environmental sustainability, and are encouraged to take action, knowing that they can have an impact.

fruit vegatables and walnuts

Superfood for development

A balanced diet of Carbohydrates, Protein, fruit and vegatables in appopriate proportions is provided. We include superfoods in every meal. Hearty meals provide the energy for healthy development.

schoolgirls hugging


We encourage strong social relationships, and practice positive discipline - encouraging children to take responsibility for their actions and want to behave well towards others.


All enrollment applications to Lviv Harmony School are treated fairly and without discrimination.

We are an English speaking International Kindergarden, so basic English language skills are a requirement